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Ege Kongreleri


June 12-13, 2023

Ege University, Izmir, Türkiye

virtual and in person participation

Congresses scope & aims

The INTERNATIONAL EGE CONGRESSES-II which will be held on June in İzmir - Turkey aims to bring together academia, researchers and scholars to exchange information and share experiences and research results about all aspects of specialized and interdisciplinary fields. This event provides an opportunity for all to network, share ideas and present their research to a worldwide community. Discussion on the latest innovations, trends and practical concerns and challenges faced in these fields are also encouraged.

EGE Congresses is supported by universities, organizations and scientific communities throughout the world. With this conference, we encourage the community of multinational researchers to share common experiences and discussions. 

Ege Kongreleri

Call for Contributions

All honourable authors are kindly encouraged to contribute to and help shape the congress through submissions of their research abstracts, papers. Also, high quality research contributions describing original and unpublished results of conceptual, constructive, empirical, experimental, or theoretical work in all areas of social sciences and humanities are cordially invited for presentation at the congress. The conference solicits contributions of papers that address themes and topics of the conference, including figures, tables and references of novel research materials.

All papers that will successfully pass double-blind review process will be published in on-line Congress proceedings.

Call for Contribution


ege kongreleri

Abstract submission deadline

  • June 2, 2023

​Congress Program announcement

  • June 5, 2023


Online Presentations​

  • June 12-13, 2023

In Person Presentations​

  • June 12, 2023

Full paper submission deadline (is not mandatory)

  • June 20, 2023

Conferences Book Publication

  • July 10, 2023

Important Days


Ege University


Adress: Erzene Mahallesi Ege Üniversitesi Merkez Yerleşkesi, 35040 Bornova/İzmir

Ege Üniversitesi Kongreleri

About Izmir

Izmir is a metropolitan city in the western extremity of Turkey and the third most populous city in Turkey, after Istanbul and Ankara.

Once the ancient city of Smyrna, İzmir is now a modern, developed, and busy commercial center, set around a huge bay and surrounded by mountains. The broad boulevards, glass-fronted buildings and modern shopping centers are dotted with traditional red-tiled roofs, the 18th century market, and old mosques and churches, although the city has an atmosphere more of Mediterranean Europe than traditional Turkey.

İzmir owes its position as an economically and socially dynamic city to its location, climate and the fact that it has been a home to many different cultures and religions. Persians, Ancient Greeks, Assyrians, Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans are just a few of the dozens of different civilizations that the city has hosted throughout its long history.

Lying on an advantageous location at the head of a gulf running down in a deep indentation, midway on the western Anatolian coast, it has been one of the principal mercantile cities of the Mediterranean Sea for much of its history. Izmir hosted the Mediterranean Games in 1971 and the World University Games in 2005.

In classical antiquity the city was known as Smyrna. Izmir has almost 4,000 years of recorded urban history and possibly even longer as an advanced human settlement. Set in an advantageous location at the head of a gulf in a deep indentation midway along the western Anatolian coast, the city has been one of the principal mercantile cities of the Mediterranean Sea for much of its history.



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